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/ location of the jewish ghetto

Executions of the Jews of Brody

1 Execution site(s)

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near the cemetery
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Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 1. (N°1778, 1780, 1781).
Teklia- Olga (N°1778): “The trucks stopped near the graves. All the Jews went down at the same time., They were surrounded and taken to the graves. They came near the grave, went into it before being shot.”

Historical note

Brody is located about 87 kilometers east-northeast of Lwow. In 1939, of a total population of 18,020 residents, 8,365 were Jews.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

When German troops occupied the city on July 1, 1941 the Jewish population of some 9,000 was forced to wear an arm-band with the yellow badge. 250 intellectuals were arrested on July 15, 1941 and shot two days later at the Jewish cemetery, after being brutally tortured. Encouraged by German occupation authorities, the Ukrainian population started a pogrom in August 1941, looting Jewish possessions. In September 1942, the Aktion Reinhardt started in Brody leaving 300 people dead. Two thousand people were deported to Bełżec where they would be murdered in the gas chambers. In December 1942, the German occupiers forced the Jewish population to resettle in a ghetto inside the town, where 6,000 people lived in January 1943. During 1943, Aktion Reinhardt was continued with thousands being killed in the nearby woods in March and April, the Ghetto being liquidated on May 21, 1943. More than 3,000 inhabitants were deported, presumably to Majdanek, but hundreds had already been killed in the Ghetto. Many houses were set on fire to drive out those who had remained hidden there.

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