Cherevakha (Czerewucha) | Volyn

/ During the interview at the execution site © Ellénore Gobry/Yahad-In Unum Hanna M., born in 1932, saw the trucks, which took the Jews to the shooting site. She remembered the Jews were killed in bursts of gunfire © Ellénore Gobry/Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews from Troyanivka in Cherevakha

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Witness interview

Hanna M. explains: "YIU: Were the trucks, which went into the forest, covered or uncovered?
W: The trucks were half covered. There were lots of people in the trucks. The adults said that they were Jews. But we were children, and we did not know.
YIU: Were the Jews sitting down or standing up?
W: They were standing up.
YIU: Where did these trucks go?
W: These trucks went into the forest where the Jews were shot."
(Testimony N°1451, interviewed in Cherevakha, on April 27, 2012).

Historical note

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Holocaust by bullets in figures

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