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Witness interview

Stepan S (N°1807): “I was near the Jewish cemetery., There were some graves which were dug, Jews were taken in groups. One group was shot and, they went to bring the other Jews. One Jew managed to escape from the pit., There were some gravestones and a kind of wood coffin, he hid in it. Then, the second group was shot and one of the policemen saw a Jew, he had to get undressed and he was shot in the grave.”

German archives

“ The former chief of the Germano-Ukrainian police of Dubrovytsia perpetrated, in August 1942, the execution of Jews in the area of the Jewish cemetery; in the two graves, 70 victims were discovered (men, women and children), 32 in the first grave, 38 in the second grave. According to the experts, it seems that the victims were burried in 1942.”.

Historical note

Dubrovytsia is located 114 kilometers north of Rowne. In 1941, 2,536 Jews lived there and 10 years later, 2,739 Jews and by the end of 1937, 3,225 Jews.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In April 1942, the German authorities established a ghetto including the Jews of the town and several hundred of Kolki raising its population to 4,327 Jews. The ghetto was liquidated on August 26, 1942, by the German police and Ukrainian collaborators. 3,000 Jews were shot.

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