Holovne | Volyn


Execution of Jews in Holovne

2 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before :
Orthodox cemetery
Memorials :
Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Vasyl Panasovych Z. in interview with Yahad : "YIU: Did you tell our investigators that you were forced to dig the pit?
W: Yes, as well as my neighbor.
YIU: Who forced you to dig it?
W: A policeman came and took us to dig the pit.
YIU: He came to your house?
W: It was in the summer, he saw us in the courtyard and he told us that it was necessary to dig the pit.
YIU: Were you the only two to dig? W: Yes.
YIU: Did he give you the measurements of the pit you had to dig?
W: Yes, he gave us measurements. The pit was three meters long, two meters wide and one and a half meters deep."
(Witness N°1445, interviewed in Holovne, on April 25, 2012).

German archives

"In the summer of 1942, an action of liquidation took place in the community of Golovno where 70-80 Jews lived. Uhde, the leader of the Gendarmerie, gathered the Jews in the square with the help of his gendarmes and the Ukrainian police. There, they were shot, males and females of all ages together." ( Deposition of Mosche L., survivor of the ghetto of Lubomil, made in Tel-Aviv, B162-2059).

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