Horodyshche (Gorodishche, Horodishtch, Horodyszcze, Gorodisce) | Volyn

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Execution of Jews in Horodyshche

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Witness interview

Ganna P. remembers: "They took us and turned us into a labor force. The Jews were also taken. Once, we needed to clear away a pile of manure. We were told to take pitchforks and get to work. We were working with pitchforks and the Jews had to clear it away with their hands. It was rather cold at that time and the Jewish women were lightly dressed." (Witness N°1483, met in Horodyshche, on May 06, 2012).

German archives

"[…] Horodysche was about 8km from Lutsk. I was there in the summer of 1942. I remember there were between 80 and 100 Jews gathered in a camp and were doing farm work for the Germans. I think that at the end of 1942 the annihilation of the Jews from the city started. During the night they were taken outside the city and shot." [B162-3879]

Historical note

Horodyshche is a city located in the Volynia in western Ukraine. It was occupied by the German army in the summer of 1941.

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