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Execution of Jews in Kamin-Kashyrskyi

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Near the aerodrome
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Witness interview

Stepan G. (N°474): "They requisitioned us to dig the pit, so they took us there at ten o’clock. At four, we had finished. You know, we didn’t know for whom we were digging the pit. We were afraid ourselves."

German archives

B162-6338. "These Jews had been chasen out of the ghetto and brought to the square. I couldn’t tell you who was watching the Jews at this time. I then had the impression that hundreds of Jews were going to be shot. The evening before, my husband had received a pile of lists on which the names of the Jews to be killed were listed."

Historical note

Kamin - Kashyrskyi is located about 48 kilometers north-northeast of Kovel. Due to substantial losses during World War I, the Jewish population was only 617 in 1921. Just prior to the outbreak of World War II on September I, 1939, it is estimated that more than 2000 Jews lived in the town.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

On August 1, 1941, a squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrived in the town from Ratno. One day later, they arrested and shot 8 male Jews. On August 22, 1941, a detachment of the Security Police subordinated to Einsatzgruppe C arrested all Jewish males aged between 16 and 60. The next day, they shot 80 male Jews in a forest five5 kilometers west of the town. In the fall of 1941, the Jews were ordered to inhabit an “open ghetto” but in March 1942, this ghetto, by the order of the Gebietskommissar, became an “enclosed ghetto”. Altogether, 2300 Jews resided in the ghetto area. The first mass action was perpetrated on August 10, 1942, by the German Security Police from Brzesc with the assistance of the local German Gendarmerie and the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police. Some 50 families were shot in the Jewish cemetery as well as 130 Gypsies. On November 2, 1942, 400 Jews escaped from the ghetto. Most of the Jews soon died of starvation or disease in the forest.

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