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Witness interview

Volodymyr I (N°1761): “There were five or six shooters and also diggers. When they began to shoot, ten people escaped. Some of them fell in the grave, others were at the edge. We were very curious but scared, too. It lasted early in the morning, at sunset. There were about 40 Jews. I think that the shooter fired in two bursts.”

Soviet archives

“In the summer of 1942, 20 policemen from Povursk arrived at the village of Kozlynychi. At sunrise, a group of between 50 to 60 adults, elderly people and children was gathered in the city -center. On a hill, I saw how inhabitants of the village dug a big, deep grave. Then, the Jews had to get undressed and the policemen began to kill them with revolvers. This shooting lasted two or three hours."

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