Melnytsya (Melnitsa, Mielnitsa) | Volyn

/ Typical horse cart which is still used in the rural areas. © Ellénore Gobry/Yahad-In unum A local resident ploughs the ground © Ellénore Gobry/Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s research team during the interview. © Ellénore Gobry/ Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Melnytsya

2 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before :
Memorials :
Period of occupation:
Number of victims :
About 1,500

Witness interview

Volodymyr K., born in 1929, remembered: “There was a Jewish woman who went out from the ghetto and she was killed. Her corpse was in my garden, I saw her. She wanted to escape and she ran towards Ukrainian houses. She was shot in her back and her corpse remained several days on the ground. The Germans didn’t let us burry her. It was done on purpose, so other Jews fear being punished if they attempted to escape. She was about 30 years old. She ran 300-400 meters her body on the ground.” (Testimony n°1455, interviewed in Melnytsya, on April 28, 2012)

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