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/ location of the synagogue execution site of the jewish victims

Executions of the Jews of Olyka

2 Execution site(s)

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Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 2. (N°1773, 1774).

Vassvl F (N°1774): “The Jews were naked. Five people were taken and brought to the grave. The depth of the grave wasn’t the same everywhere., Tthe Jews went down from the ends. The pit became deeper as we continued digging.

German archives

“The first action took place on August 12, 1941, 10 trucks arrived in Olyka in order to go in the court of Radziwilschen’s castle. Germans and Ukrainians gathered Jewish men and I think that members of the SS or from the Gestapo drove the trucks. The next day, 600 Jewish men had been taken to this castle. Almong these 600 people, 60 young people were forced to dig a grave. The Jews were placed in the trucks, but when they arrived at the grave they were already dead. I think they had been gassed.”.

Historical note

Olyka is located 33 kilometers of Luck. 2,500 Jews lived in the town before the war.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The first anti-Jewish Aktion was perpetrated in August 1941: 682 Jewish men were shot in the Jewish cemetery by the Security Police and the SD. A ghetto was created on March 13, 1942, this ghetto was surrounded by a fence and barbed-wire. The ghetto was liquidated on July 1942 by the Security Police and the SD from Luck.

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