Ozeryany (Jezierzany) | Volhyn


Execution of Jews in Ozeryany

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Kind of place before :
Jewish cemetery
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Period of occupation:
Number of victims :

Witness interview

Ivan P., born in 1927, answers the question: "YIU: Did these three houses belong to Jews?
Yes. There were a lot of Jews here. 780 Jews were killed here. It was one of the biggest towns back then, the Jews were engaged in trade, and they had their shops. They sold everything: candies, bread, beer, sausages, clothes etc.
YIU: Were these entire 780 Jews held captive in these three houses?
Yes, they were all in the ghetto. When they gathered the Jews in the ghetto, a rich Jewish merchant who had several shops in the town, two cows and a horse said: “Why do you take me in the ghetto? Kill me here!” They killed him and his entire family: his wife, his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law. The corpses were transported to the Jewish cemetery and they were thrown into the pit. I saw all of this, I was close. The polizeis let me watch.
YIU: Did they kill other Jews who refused to go to the ghetto?
Yes, several Jews were killed on the way to the ghetto. When they were taken to the shooting place, several refused to go. For example, there was an old blacksmith who didn’t have the force to march; he was shot on the spot. Several didn’t want to leave their houses to go to the ghetto; they were killed on the spot. When they were already in the ghetto, they couldn’t go out, there was barbed wire everywhere. The only possibility to leave the ghetto was to cross the gate guarded by armed policemen.


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