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Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 3. (N°1802, 1803, 1804).Mykola I (N°1802): “Before the shooting, the Jews were gathered in the market’s place. The rabbi asked if he could give a speech. He climbed on a table and told the Jews it was their destiny, that they were punished for what they had done. They had to stay quiet and the Jews obeyed him.”

Soviet archives

“During the occupation of Rafalovka, 2,958 persons were shot. Among them, 2,800 among the Jewish population, men, women and children, who were buried in two graves located 3 kms of from Rafalovka, 600 meters from the road, on a little hill on at the edge of the forest”.”

German archives

“When the grave was full of corpses, the Germans gave me the order to fill the bodies with earth. During At this time, the German shooter had took a rest and drank wine. I remember that the earth was moving. Sometimes, heads and arms came out of the grave. There were several layers of bodies in this grave at the end of the shooting, which lasted until the night”.”

Historical note

Rafalowka is located about 40 kilometers west of Sarny. In 1921, 556 Jews lived in the town and it is estimated than 660 Jews lived there in 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

2,500 Jews were confined in to the ghetto created on May 1st, 1942. The ghetto was closed off on August 24, 1942 and surrounded by Ukrainian police. The liquidation of the ghetto was ordered by the Gebietskommissar on August 29, 1942. Jews in groups of 100 were escorted to a forest some 3 kilometers north of the ghetto. They were shot in two large pits.

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