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Execution of Jews in Shatsk

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Witness interview

Tatiana O. explains: “Nagora street was where the Jews were held. It was in the center.
It was not surrounded with barbed wire, but the Jews could not communicate with the local population. The Jews of the surrounding villages were brought to this ghetto. For example, the Jews of Kropelniki village." ( Witness N°14447, interviewed in Shatsk, on April 26, 2012).

German archives

"In May or June of 1942, Uhde, the leader of the Gendarmerie, went with his men to Shatsk, and in two days they liquidated all the Jewish skilled workers. There were between 100 and 120 victims." (Deposition of Mosche B., Jewish survivor, made in Tel-Aviv, on February 8, 1961, B162-2059).

Historical note

Shatsk is located 56 kilometers south- southeast of Pinsk . The Jewish population of the village at the beginning of the German occupation was probably around 300. German forces occupied the village on June 30, 1941.



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