Toykut ( former Nesukhoïzhe, Niesuchojeże, Neskhizh) | Volyn

/ Anna I., born in 1932, saw the column of the Jews from her window. She saw how the Jews were shot on the hill. They were naked. The shooting lasted one hour © Ellénore Gobry –Yahad-In Unum Maria K., born in 1935, remembered a lot of details about the shooting of the Jews. She explains that the Jewish men had to dig their own graves for two or three days © Ellénore Gobry –Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Toykut

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Near the Jewish cemetery
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Witness interview

Anna Y., born in 1932, remembered: “Y.U: Where the Jews were brought from?
Witness:: They were brought from this direction. There was a Jewish town there. My house was located just by the road and we could see the Jews passing by through a window. I don’t know if they were policemen or Germans who brought them. After, when the column was quite far, my bother went outside because he wanted to follow the column to take a look at what would happen to them, and I followed him. We hid in the stable and we watched trough a crack.
Y. U.: Did you see the Jews undressed, get closer to the pit and lie down on the ground into the pit?
Witness: I saw how they undressed and walked naked toward the pit. However I didn’t see how they lay down at the bottom of the pit, because I was quite far away. Those who dug the pit told us after that the Jews had to lie down one close to another; there was no space between, them.
Y. U.: How long did the shooting last?
Witness: I don’t know exactly, a little more than an hour. After, people took Jewish clothes but I didn’t take anything. I didn’t want to take the clothes of others. (Testimony N°1467, interviewed in Toykut, on May 2, 2012)

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