Turiysk | Volyn

/ Grigori S., born in 1932, saw the mass graves after the shooting of the Jews. They were already filled © Ellénore Gobry – Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews from Turiysk

1 Execution site(s)

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Memorials :
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Witness interview

Pavlo P., born in 1923, an eyewitness to the shooting: “The execution site was located at the clay quarry, near the brickyard. But at that time the brick yard didn’t fonction anymore. There were several pits there. Some of them were round others rectangular. I saw the column of Jews who wre amrched towards the brickyard. Everyone was on foot. They were escorted by Germans and local men, whom we used to call Rukhivtsi. Once on the site, the whole column was stopped 20m away from the pit and then in groups they had to go inside the pit where they were shot. I didn’t see how they were shot, because they were at the bottom of the pit, but I could hear isolated gunshots.” (Testimony n°1459, interviewed in Turiysk, on April 29, 2012)


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