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Execution of Jews in Vyshnivka/Opalin

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Kind of place before :
Jewish cemetery
Memorials :
Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Grigori Ivanovich T.explains:
"YIU: Did the Jews stay in the ghetto for a long time?
W: Approximately one year.
YIU: Then what happened?
W: I do not know who gave the order, but forty Ukrainian men were requisitioned to dig a pit. Then the Jews were told to gather in a place where policemen then surrounded them and took them to the place of the shooting. You know, there were not many German soldiers here, there were five I believe, but the policemen were numerous." (Witness N°1443, interviewed in Vyshnivka, on April 25, 2012).

Historical note

Opalin is located in northwestern Ukraine, on the Bug River, 24 kilometers west- northwest of Luboml. According to the 1921 census, 516 Jews lived in the village. 

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Opalin was occupied in June 1941 by German units. Uhde was the Gebietskommissar of Luboml. Anti-semitic measures began in September 1941. The Jews were resettled in a ghetto at the end of 1941. The ghetto was liquidated on October 2, 1942. 582 Jews were gathered by Germans and Ukrainians in the Jewish cemetery where a pit had been dug. They were shot inside it.

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