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Jews awaiting their execution which was carried out by the Germans, Zdolbuniv © Yad Vashem Photo Archives The staff of Jung works in Zdolbuniv © Yad Vashem Photo Archives

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Memorials :
Period of occupation:

Soviet archives

“The mass shooting of the inhabitants of the ghetto was perpetrated on October 13, 1942. A detachment of the Ukrainian police and of the German gendarmerie had to encircle the ghetto at night and took all the inhabitants - men, women and children. Then, they separated the women and the children from the men. 1,700 people were killed”.”

German archives

“On August 7, 1941, during the afternoon, a majority of of the Jews were arrested then killed near the cement’s factory. The arrests had been made by the SS and the Ukrainian militia, but the SS also participated into the executions. I didn’t see the execution but I heard some shootings. I went to the grave the next day and saw a thin layer of earth”.”

Historical note

The town is located at 19 kilometers south of Rowne. In 1921, 1,262 Jews lived in the town and in mid-1941, there were 1,500 Jews in Zdolbunow.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The first anti-Jewish aktion took place on August 7, 1941. Several hundred Jews were arrested by the Ukrainian Police and shot. A ghetto was created early summer 1942 and for six months, there were numerous small aktions. The ghetto was liquidated on October 13, 1942 by the SD and the Security Police of Rowne. Altogether, more than 2,000 Jews were killed in Zdolbunow between 1941 and 1942.

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