Chernivtsi | Chernivtsi

1 Execution site(s)

German archives

“When we arrived on the site we didn’t know that an execution would be conducted on the hill. After a while, I saw about 60-70 people being marched from the town escorted by the SS soldiers. These people passed between the cordon off we made and the hill. Among the people who were taken to the hill must have been those who were arrested and detained in the school in Czernowitz. I think it was them because we were told afterwards that these Jews were supposed to be murdered as a reprisal for the murdered German pilot. There were only men without women or children. Before the group of the arrested Jews was brought to the site the members of SD, Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe had arrived. The SD and SS groups numbered about 30 soldiers together. I wouldn’t be able to tell how many the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe soldiers were because they arrived in small groups. The SD and the SS soldiers were armed with rifles; however I didn’t see any Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe soldier with such weapon. Once the arrested people were brought to the hill, we heard the gunshots which lasted for about 1hour. According to what I remember, they fired a salvo with the 5-10 minutes interval. I won’t be able to tell who fired because I didn’t see the execution form my post. As the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe soldiers didn’t have rifles I suppose that they just watched and the SD and the SS groups shot the Jews. I can’t give any details about the execution because, as I said earlier, I didn’t see anything from my position. […] I don’t know neither if the Jews were forced to undress before being killed. I don’t know anything about other executions in Czernowitz." [Deposition of a police bataillon member, Helmut F., given in Berlin on September 12, 1961; BAL B162-983 p.100]

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