Izyaslav (Zaslav) | Khmelnytskyi

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Execution of Jews in Izyaslav

2 Execution site(s)

Investigated by Yahad:
Period of occupation:
Witnesses interviewed:

Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 7. (N°886, 887, 888, 893, 894, 895, 896). Including three eyewitnesses. (N°886, 887, 888). Anna Andreyevna L. (N°894): "We started running between the abandoned houses and we hid in a pit beside one house. My mother told me to prevent my little sister from crying and to keep quiet. The Germans started pursuing us with their dogs, but they didn’t look inside the pit, they ran further without noticing us. We kept hiding in this pit all day until nightfall. Later, we went out discreetly, and we saw there was no one left in the village."


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