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Ambiance in Krasnaya Sloboda      © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum Old Jewish cemetery in Krasnaya Sloboda    © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum Nina S. was also a partisan fighting among men    © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum Abram V., a Jewish survivor © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum Nina K., born in 1933:"The column of Jews was escorted by Germans and policemen from both sides. The Gemrans had dogs with them. They were taken in the direstion of the field, outside of the village." © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum Valentina V., born in 1932: "10-12 Jewish young men were shot at the central place. I didn’t see the shooting but I saw their corpses afterwards. Their heads were exploded. They must have fired with explosive bullets."© Jethro Massey/Yahad -In Unum Yahad team during the interview © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum One of the sites of the shooting of the Jews near Krasnaya Sloboda    © Jethro Massey - Yahad-In Unum /

Execution of Jews in Krasnaya Sloboda

2 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before :
Memorials :
Period of occupation:
1941 - 1944
Number of victims :

Witness interview

Abram V., a Jewish survivor, remembers: “We heard on the radio that the war had begun. Two days later, inhabitants began to flee. I left during the night from June 25-26, with my cousin and a friend, for a long trip by train. I went to Uzbekistan where I worked. I returned in 1946.” (Witness N°777, interviewed in Krasnaya Sloboda, on May 25, 2014)

Historical note

Krasnaya Sloboda is a village situated 120 km south of Minsk.  In 1939, there were around 600 Jews living there. The place was under German occupation from 1941 to 1944.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

According to historical documents, little is known about the fate of the Jews during the German occupation.

Thanks to the on-site testimonies collected by Yahad, it is possible to partially reconstruct what happened to the Jews of the village, even if the information is sometimes a bit contradictory.

The Jews of the village were gathered for a few days in the building of the cultural club. Some of them were killed and burned in the club by the Germans. Others were shot on two sites, situated in fields outside of the village. One of the sites was a pit dug before the war for the construction of a bunker. According to the local testimonies, the monument is not situated in the exact place of the shooting.

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