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Execution of Jews in Babyn Yar (Babi Yar)

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At least 40,000

Witness interview

Vladimir R., a Jewish survivor: « The Jews walked in columns taking all the length of the street, the police walked parallel to them. People went there on their own will. You would ask why?! It was only at the beginning of the Mechnikov street that the Jews started to feel prisoners. The expression « on their own will » is not totally correct. They marched by themselves and nobody forced them out of their homes, but they couldn’t help but respecting the Germans’ order which was posted throughout the city, in every yard, on every building. The orders read,-I remember exactly what it was reading, that all the Jews of Kiev had to show up at the Lukianovskaya area at about 9am, -I don’t remember anymore the exact time, under the pretext of being sent somewhere else for forced labor. Those who did not respect the order would be shot. All the people who sheltered or hid a Jew, as the Germans called them “kike”, would be killed. That is why we can say that the Jews were forced to go there. The local population couldn’t hide them. Although, there were some people who did hide the Jews. These people were recognized as Righteous among the Nation.
YIU: Did the Germans have the lists?
W: Yes, there were lists for sure in every building. There were lists of the occupants which were systematically sent to the municipal administration. The Germans could have taken over those lists.
YIU : Were the lists transmitted before the war or under the Germans order ?
W: I don’t know. Until today nobody could find these lists. That is why the exact number of the victims is unknown.” (Witness n°236, interviewed in Kyiv, on October 10, 2005)

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