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/ Local ambiance © Markel Redondo- Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s research team looking for the witnesses © Markel Redondo- Yahad-In Unum Yustyna D., born in 1926, saw the shooting of the Jews from Lanchyn in the forest. © Markel Redondo -Yahad-In Unum Vasyl B., born in 1930, remembered there were shootings for three or four days. He saw one of the shootings: there were three graves but he saw the shooting in one grave, the shooter killed the Jews from behind © Markel Redondo – Yahad – In Unum Maria D., born in 1922, told us: “The Jews had to sit near the pit while waiting for their turn to be shot. There were two or three Germans and local police.” © Markel Redondo- Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s team asking permission to record the witness’s testimony. Before the interview. © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum Location of the execution site  © Markel Redondo -Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Lanchyn

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Witness interview

Vasyl B., born in 1930, recalls: “The mass shootings lasted three or four days in a row. Once, I passed by and I saw it. After, I didn’t go there because the Germans could have killed me.
YIU: Where did the mass shooting that you saw take place?
W: Here, in the forest behind the railroad.
YIU: What is the name of that forest?
W: The forest is called “Savky.” (Witness N°1856, interviewed in Lanchyn, on September 9, 2013).

Historical note

Lanchyn is situated about 50km south of Ivano-Frankivsk. Under the Polish administration, the town was occupied by the Soviets in September 1939.  There was a large Jewish community there before the war. The majority of them lived off of trade. The town was occupied in the early July 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In October-December 1941, some Jews from Lanchyn were transferred to Nadvirna, where they were later shot. Between 200 to 400 Jews living in Lanchyn were shot to death in the forest, called Sadky, in the spring of 1942. According to eyewitness N°1856, Vasyl B., the execution lasted for 3-4 days. After being brought in trucks to the forest, the Jews were forced to undress and walk along the plank, one by one. According to the witness, there were three mass graves at the site.

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