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Execution of Jews in Odessa

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Valdimir K., born in 1925, a Jewish survivor : “YIU: As we understood you ended up in the Slobodka ghetto? W: Yes, of course, I was there. So, after I came back from that village, I didn’t know where else to go, so I went into the ghetto at Slobodka, because there, at least I could sleep on the hay and have something to eat. There was an entry through which everyone could enter. It was impossible to get out, but to enter – it was an easy thing. And I didn’t have other choice. I stayed in the ghetto a little more than one year. We knew all the possible ways in and out of the ghetto, located in the former woolen factory. Once, a high ranked officer came. He asked to lined up all the young boys. This officer pointed at me with his finger and I was taken away. He was wounded and needed blood. I was taken blood which was infused to him. They were our doctors and our nurses who did it. After, they told me to run away from the ghetto, because if not they [the fascists] would take all my blood. They gave me something to eat, and one or two days later, I escaped from the ghetto.” (Witness n°2464, interviewed in Odessa, on September 7, 2018)

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