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/ Yulya L., Belarusian witness of the mass shooting © Guillaume Ribot - Yahad-In Unum The monument to the Jewish victims massacred in Dokshitsy © Guillaume Ribot - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Dokshitsy

1 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before :
Sand pits across the street from the Jewish cemetery
Memorials :
Period of occupation:
Number of victims :
About 3000

Witness interview

Yulya P. recalls: "Jews had to go down into the pit. They had to be in a line, and then they were fired on all at once with a machine gun and fell into the pit. The Jews were clubbed on the head, adults had their hands tied behind their backs and the children cried. They had to lie down on the previous “layer” of Jewish bodies which had been arranged. If they were next to the pit, policemen pushed them in with their feet. Policemen were scum. They betrayed and shot their own friends." (Eyewitness N°27, interviewed in Dokshitsy, on March 27, 2008)

Soviet archives

"Before, all 3,000 or 3,500 Jews were in the Dokshitsy ghetto. They were taken in groups of 100-150 people outside of the ghetto. They were, for the most part, women with children, old people and young people. They were taken to a pit near the Jewish cemetery of Dokshitsy, they were forced to undress and then they were shot. This mass extermination lasted three weeks and all Jews from the ghetto were shot." [Act drawn up by the Soviet extraordinary commission; RG-22.002M/7021-92/214]

Historical note

About 3,000 Jews lived in Dokshitsy before the war. 

Holocaust by bullets in figures

There were three major Aktions against the Jews that took place in Dokshitsy. After the Purim holiday, 60 Jews were shot Dokshitsy. In early May 1942,around 400 Jews were killed. The last Aktion was conducted on May 29, 1942: more than 2,600 Jews were shot at the edge of town.  addition to the 3 major massacres, 8 jews were murdered in the Jewish Cemetery in September 1941.

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