Dukhovshchina | Smolensk

Execution of Jews in Dukhovshchina

3 Execution site(s)

Memorials :
Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Anna P. explains: "The Germans gathered the Jews and held them in a building of the linen factory for about one week, before shooting them." (Witness N°126, interviewed in Dukhovshchina, on May 22, 2011).

Historical note

Dukhovshchina is located 57 kilometers northeast of Smolensk. According to the 1939 census, 102 Jews were living in Dukhovshchina.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

German units of Army Group Center occupied the town on July 15, 1941. During that period, lots of Jews managed to escape the town. Soon after, a mayor was appointed in order to register the Jews. The Jews were force to work. The Jews were gathered in a ghetto, which was liquidated in the summer of 1942. During this time, the Jews were shot. According to different sources, 300 Jews perished during the shooting. 

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