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Execution of Jews in Golovchin

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Witness interview

Vasiliy S., born in 1931, answers the questions: YIU: " Were you in the village during the arrest?
Vasiliy S.: About one hundred Germans well equipped arrived in the village to arrest Jewish men. I was in the nearby village. I grazed the cows. My mother would not let me get closer. I was a child. I heard that the Jews were killed in Budki. So we went to see. At the time it was a clearing, covered by bushes. It is not far from the road. I saw the pit; it was not very large . A small mound of earth surmounted the grave." (Witness N°588, interviwed in Golovchin, on April 21, 2012).

Historical note

Around 70 Jews used to live in Golovchin before the war. Most of them were tailors, shoemakers, blacksmiths, and traders. There were two synagogues.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

When the Germans came, the Jews were forced to work on the road. In October 1941, around 19 Jewish men were shot in Golovchin. The other Jews were sent to another ghetto, probably in Belynichi. [For more information about execution of Jews in Belynichi please check the village’s profile.]

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