Hanno-Pokrovka | Odessa

Execution of Jews in Hanno-Pokrovka

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Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 3. (N°1235, 1236, 1237).
Maria N (N°1235): “The Jews were brought on foot to the club . They were gathered here -- Jews from several villages and they were killed during the night. From the early morning, they were locked up in the club and taken to the execution site at night. There were some children and babies, too.”

Soviet archives

“During the occupation of the town of Pokrovka from August 12, 1941 to March 29, 1944, the Germans and Romanians committed the following crimes: On December 26, 1941, the Romanian gendarmerie, led by Kojukhar and his deputies, brought 800 Jewish civilians from Odessa to Pokrovka. Among these Jews, there were a lot of teachers, doctors, women, children as well as pregnant women and babies. They were put in a hospital with no warning. They received nothing to eat or drink and were tortured each day. 200 of them were killed this way. The others who managed to stay alive were taken to Dmitrovka 7km from here and were shot in March 1942. During the shooting, they were put at the edge of a big ravine in which gasoline was burning and they were shot with automatic guns. The dead corpses fell in the flames. The children were poisoned or were thrown in the grave.”

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