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Execution of Jews in Klimovichi

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Witness interview

Fyodor T. recalls : “One time, I was taken for a Jew because I had a dark face and they locked me in the cellar of a bank. I was beaten and then liberated thanks to a woman from my village who spoke German. I saw Jews who were gathered in the yard. I think there were children too. I think these Jews were killed by gas on the road in a gas truck and their corpses were buried in a pasture.”(Witness N°639, interviewed in Klimovichi, on June 16, 2013).

Soviet archives

“On November 6th and 7th 1941, the German units surrounded the city of Klimovichi. The German soldiers, under the order of officers, hunted the Jewish inhabitants from their houses, and under escort, brought them to old buildings of garages. On the way, the Jews were savagely beaten by the Germans. The ones who couldn’t walk were shot.” (Act drawn by the Soviet Extraordinary Commission, in June 1944, RG 22.022M/7021-88/38).

Historical note

In January 1939, there were 1,693 Jews in the village. There was a Yiddish school until 1938. The majority of the Jews were merchants. The Germans occupied the village on August 10, 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

According to different sources, there were 4 executions of Jews in Klimovichi. At the end of August 1941, 13 Jews were arrested, taken to the Jewish cemetery in order to dig a pit. They were shot there afterwards. The second execution took place on November 6, 1941. Some Jews were sent to work and the remaining Jews were gathered in a garage near the hospital. Germans took their valuables. The Jews were then displaced near the airport, not far from the village of Dolgaya Gora and were shot by Germans and local policemen. On the same day, the Jews who were sent to work were shot at the same location. According to some sources, between 750 and 900 Jews were killed on that day. After this massacre, 80 Jews remained alive. They were concentrated in one house. At the end of November 1941, these Jews were forced to walk to Melovaya Gora and were shot. In April 1943, the children from mixed-families were imprisoned by the Germans and were shot on April 12, 1943.

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