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Witness interview

Vladimir T., born in 1930, evokes : “My father used to go to the Kommandantur to obtain a pass to allow, during the day, a Jew to go out to work for us. We knew this man, before the war, as he was used to doing construction on our house.” (Witness N°755, interviewed Lenin, on May, 18 2014)

Historical note

Lenin is a village situated 95 km east of Pinsk, in the middle of a large forest. In 1941, 2,000 Jews lived in Lenin including the refugees. There were 2 synagogues and a Jewish school in the village. The village was under German occupation from 1941 to 1944.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In May 1942, a closed ghetto was created on a street in the village. Jews from surrounding villages were also interned there. Many men from Lenin were sent to the Gantsevichi labor camp. When the ghetto was liquidated on August 14, 1942, 750 of those 2,000 Jews escaped to the woods in one of the first uprisings of the war. The rest were taken to prepared trenches on the field of Ogarkov property and executed by Germans assisted by local police. According to witnesses interviewed by Yahad, specialists were kept alive and apart in a house outside of the ghetto, and were later liberated by the Partisans. For more information about Gantsevichi please check the profile of the village.

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