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Execution of the Timkovichi Jews in Malyye Prusy

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1941 - 1944
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Witness interview

Nadezhda C., born in 1927, tells: “My brother was requisitioned to drive a cart, when the Jews were taken to the shooting. The bodies of the people who were shot in the column were loaded on to his cart. He told me that the road was full of corpses.” (Witness N°746, interviewed in Timkovichi, on May 16, 2014)

Historical note

Malyye Prusy is a small village situated 100 km southwest of Minsk, close to the village of Timkovichi. Just before the German invasion, there were around 1,000 Jews living in Timkovichi. The village was under German occupation from 1941 to 1944.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In July 1941, a closed ghetto, with a barbed wire fence surrounding it, was established in a quarter of the village. On March 25, 1942, all the Jews were gathered by the Germans in the market square, where a selection was conducted. Specialist workers and their families were sent back to the ghetto. 600 other Jews were taken in a column in a field close to the village of Malyye Prusy, where they were shot in a large pit. According to witnesses interviewed by Yahad-In Unum, lots of Jews were also shot on the road to the mass-shooting site. The remaining Jews were shot in June 1942.

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