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Execution of Jews in Sverdlovske

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Soviet archives

« On December 7, 1941, three cars and one truck with the SS murder squad arrived along with some people of Jewish nationality. I don’t know where these people were taken from. The same day, at about 3 p.m. the German SS ordered all the Jews to take their valuables and to assemble at the school in order to be resettled. Ninety nine people gathered at the school building. The German killers confiscated all their possessions, took them to a 48-meter deep well located about 400 meters away from the village, and then shot all 99 people from the village and about 18-20 people brought from elsewhere. The adults were shot and the children were thrown into the well alive. Once all the bodies were thrown into the well, they dropped several grenades down the well and it was set on fire. » [Deposition of Saveliy K., given to the Soviet Extraordinary Commission (ChGK); RG.22-002M : Fond 7021, Opis 9, Delo 41]

Historical note

Sverdlovske is a village located about 70 km north of Simferopol. The village was established in the 1920’s as a Jewish agricultural colony on the territory of former village of Devlet-Ali. All the Jews lived off farming. Approximately 100 Jews lived in Sverdlovske before the German occupation. 

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Sverdlovske was occupied in November 1941. Straight after the occupation all the Jews were forced to wear distinctive badges in the form of Star of David. The Germans took all the valuables away from them. The mass execution of the Jews from Sverdlovske took place on December 7, 1941. On this day, a unit of Einsatzgruppe rounded-up about 100 local Jews along with 18-20 Jews brought from elsewhere in the local school building for so-called resettlement. They were taken to a well outside the village and shot to death. The small children were thrown into the well alive.

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