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/ Ion B., born in 1926 © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum Patrice Bensimon with research team during the interview © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum Ion B., born in 1926 © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum The bank of the Dnister river where lots of Jews were killed during the bombing © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum

Jews killed during the bombing in Vadul Raşcov

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Kind of place before :
Bank of the Dnister River
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Witness interview

Ion B. remembers: "There were four mills in the village and each of them had a wooden wheel. They took down the wheels and afterward attached ropes to them and threw them in the river. Each wheel was attached by a rope and pulled by a tractor on the other bank of Dniester River. The Jews crossed the river using the wheels over the course of two days. There were more crossings during the night because they were afraid of being bombed during the day. The tractors pulled a sortie of ferries without turning on their headlights. Those who died near the river were buried by the villagers, as we were afraid of different diseases. Those bodies that fell down into the river were abandoned." (Eyewitness N°105, met in Vadul Raşcov, on May 19, 2013)

Historical note

Vadul Raşcov was a little shtetl in Bessarabia. It is approximately 130 km northeast of the capital, Chişinău. In 1930, about 2,000 Jews lived in the village.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

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