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/ Rolana M, born in 1935, is a Jewish survivor. She has much difficulty speaking about the mass shootings of the Jews.  ©Aleksey Kasyanov – Yahad-In Unum Memories of the war ©Aleksey Kasyanov – Yahad-In Unum Yahad members with the witness during the interview ©Aleksey Kasyanov – Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Rostov-on-Don

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Witness interview

Myriam Filipovna G. evokes: "The first time, the Germans stayed in Rostov for eight days. They published announcements concerning the Jews and the communists; they had to gather at a special place. The first ones to get there were shot, and those who chose to go there on the last day were saved, because the Germans had already been driven back by the Red Army." (Witness N°200, interviwed in Rostov on Don, on September 29, 2011).

Historical note

Rostov-on-Don is the regional center of the region. In 1939, there were 27,038 Jews in the town.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The town was occupied first on November 21, 1941 and released one week later. The second occupation began on July 24, 1942. All the Jews were immediately registered. On August 11, 1942, the Jewish population was gathered and taken in trucks or on foot to the village of Zmievka.  They were shot in 13 graves by Germans assisted by the local police and a part of the Jews were killed in a gas van. The children were poisoned with a yellow liquid by the Doctor Hertz, chief of the Sonderkommando 10a. Another shooting was perpetrated near the garden in four graves.

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