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/ An old Jewish cemetery © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum An old abandoned palace © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s research team during the interviw with Ivan N., born in 1927, near the mass grave © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum The mass grave © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum A monument to the Jewish victims © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Ryasna

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Witness interview

Ivan N. evokes: “The starost came to me and told me to take a shovel to bury the Jews. When I arrived, the shooting hadn’t finished yet. There were two Germans shooting Jews in groups of three at the bottom of the ravine. At this time, other Jews were waiting next to the ravine under guard. They had to undress in groups of three and went down alone in the ravine in their underwear. They were shot while standing. There were women, men and children.” (Eyewitness N° 596, interviewed in Ryasna, on April 24, 2012)

Soviet archives

“In March 1942, a German punitive detachment of 30 or 40 personnel arrived in the village of Riasna. Helped by the local police, they gathered the whole Jewish population as well as refugees: women, men, children, the elderly, and transported them to a ravine located 1.5km east of Ryasna. The Jews were shot here with machine guns. Before the shooting, their clothes and shoes were taken. They had to lay in their underwear in previously dug graves where they were shot with machine guns. That day, 600 innocent Soviet civilians, inhabitants of Ryasna were killed”. [Act of Soviet extraordinary comission, drawn up on November 05, 1944; RG-22.002M.7021-688/37]

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