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/ The former synagogue of Pohost Zaharodskiy, pointed out by Vladimir A. © Nicolas Tkatchouk- Yahad-In Unum Nadia S., born in 1928. She was in the fields when she saw the shooting of the Jews in Vyaz © Nicolas Tkatchouk- Yahad-In Unum Yekaterina I., born in 1923. She relates to the Yahad team how the Jews were killed in Vyaz © Nicolas Tkatchouk- Yahad-In Unum Vyaz, the killing site of about 600 Jews from Pohost Zaharodskiy, mostly women, children, and the elderly © Nicolas Tkatchouk- Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews from Pohost Zahorodskiy in Vyaz

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Witness interview

Yekaterina I., born in 1923, remembers : « The Jews were driven in trucks to the execution site. The children screamed. The mass grave had already been dug. Children were thrown into the pit.” (Witness N°167, interviewed in Vyaz, on August 05, 2009).

Soviet archives

“The Germans brought the Jews, on foot and by truck, from Pohost Zaharodski to a field, located 1,5km from my house. They were all shot and buried in three mass graves. Before the shooting, they were forced to undress, and then they were killed five by five”. [Deposition of Andrey I., born in 1896, living in Vyaz, drawn up by Soviet Extraordinary State Commission; RG-22.002M.7021-90-32]

Historical note

Vyaz is a small town located a few kilometers south of Pohost Zaharodskiy. About 1,000 Jews lived in Pohost Zaharodskiy before the war.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

On August 15, 1942, the German occupants liquidated the Pohost Zaharodskiy ghetto. About 600 Jews – mainly women, children, and the elderly – were escorted to Vyaz and shot. Two days later, 27 survivors of the liquidation Aktion were killed in Vyaz as well.

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