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/ Mikhail I. saw the shooting of the Jews, which was perpetrated on November 9. The Jews were brought to the lake which was near the ghetto. ©Miguel Maldonado – Yahad-In Unum Vera K., born in 1929, saw in winter the whole population gathered to see the hanging of a Jew called Baskin ©Miguel Maldonado – Yahad-In Unum Road in Usvyaty ©Miguel Maldonado – Yahad-In Unum Anna  saw the shooting of the Jews on Mount   Spassovskaya.  There were Jews from other villages. Graves were dug, the Jews had to put them in rows and a German shot them ©Miguel Maldonado – Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Usvyaty

2 Execution site(s)

Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Vera O. evokes: "After the Germans settled down in the village, all the Jews were gathered in the ghetto surrounded by barbed wire. At that time there were no houses. It was a field fenced in with barbed wire and the Jews lived there. I think they gave them something to eat. After they were closed in the ghetto they were forced to wear distinguishing, yellow marks. The policemen took them in the center of the village to do various work, cleaning the streets for example." (Witness N°163, interviewed in Usvyaty, on May 31, 2011).

Historical note

Usvyaty is a village in the Pskov region located 230 kilometers from this town. In 1939, there were 136 Jews in the village. 

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The village was occupied by German units in July 1941. In Fall 1941, a ghetto was created where the Jews were placed. From July 1941 to January 1942, during 3 Aktions, 150 Jews perished.

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