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/ Evstafi Ya., bornin 1935: "The Jews were brought by trucks from the Bibrka ghetto. Before being shot they had to undress, 300m away from the pit". © Erez Lichtfeld - Yahad-In Unum Evstafi, an eyewitness, walking to the execution site © Erez Lichtfeld - Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s team with the witness on the execution site of the Jewish victims of Bibrka in Volove © Erez Lichtfeld - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of the Bibrka Jews in Volove

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Forest near the road
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Witness interview

Evstafi I. recalls: “ I also remember that other Jews from the ghetto were shot in Volove 5 km from Bibrka. They were taken in trucks by armed Germans. After the Jews were naked, the Germans took their clothes. The little children were shot in the arms of their mothers. We could hear shots from the village”. (Witness N°733, interviewed in Bibrka, on January 7, 2009).

Historical note

Volove is located 5 km from Bibrka. According to the archival informationa and Yahad’s research the majority of Jews lived in Bibrka.  To know more about Bibrka Jews, see the Bibrka profile.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

1,000 Jews (men, women, children and elderly people) from the nearby village of Bibrka were shot in Volove.  These Jews were brought to the execution site located in the forest 200 meters away from the road. As declared by Yahad’s witness, Evstafi I. (Witness N°733), the Jews had to get undressed 300 meters away from the grave. Then, they had to go on a wooden plank in pairs and were shot by groups of 6. Some Jews were finished off with shovels. The aktion lasted until 2 AM.

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