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Execution of Jews from Moldova in Andrievo-Ivanivka

1 Sitio(s) de ejecución

Tipo de lugar antes:
Jewish cemetery
Número de víctimas:
About 100

Entrevista del testigo

Lyudmyla M., born in 1932, remembers life before the war: “There were many Jews here. I would say about 800, but I am not sure. I was just a child back then. They lived in the center of the colony. They had their cemetery, but it is abandoned now. We went to school together with Jewish children. I remember my Jewish friend Zoya Itskovich. She was very sharp at math.” (Testimony n°2083, interviewed in Andrievo-Ivanivka, on June 01, 2016)

Nota histórica

Anrievo-Ivaninka is located about 135km north of Odessa. Before the war it used to be a Jewish agricultural colony, called Shteln. The majority of Jews worked in the kolkhoz, while others were merchants and artisans. In 1928 there was a windmill and an oil factory. There was a Jewish cemetery, which doesn’t exist anymore. According to the local witness, there were about 800 Jews living before the war.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The village was occupied in early August 1941 by the Germans, followed by Romanians. Under the Romanian rule, it became part of Transnitria. According to the local witness, the local Jews were taken away and executed afterwards. However, many Jews from Moldova were marched through the village in the direction of Domanivka. Those who didn’t have strength to move forward were shot on the spot and their bodies were left behind. Local witnesses buried them afterwards. Sometimes they stopped and stayed in a village for a couple of days or weeks, confined within the yard of the local gendarmerie. There was an execution of about 100 Jews brought from Moldova in late August 1941. The execution was most probably conducted by the Germans. The majority of victims were children, women and elderly people.

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