Berezivka (Berezovka, former Jewish colony Smidovichi) | Crimea

Execution of Jews from Smidovichi

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Entrevista del testigo

Lyudmila S., born in 1930, remembers: "We heard the guschots from far. There was a well in the field. Jews were taken there. These poor people were thrown alive into the well." (Witness N°124, interviewed in Berezivka, on December 29, 2004).

Nota histórica

Berezivka is located 120 kilometers northwest of Simferopol in the Autonmous Republic of Crimea. The village was created as an agricultural Jewish colony in 1920s and named after a Soviet political figure who promoted the program of Soviet Jewish colonization, Pyotr Smidovich. It was created by five Jewish families’ native from Roslavl in Russia. Later, a kolkhoz was created and named "Sotsdorf" (from Yiddish “Socialist village). By 1932 320 Jews lived in the village. They lived off agriculture and only some were artisans. There was a hospital, built between 1924-1925.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The village was occupied by Germans in October 1941. By that time the majority of Jews managed to evacuate.  According to Yahad’s investigation, shortly after the occupation the Jewish houses were marked with boards in shape of the Star of David. Then, on December 27, 1941, all the Jews were rounded up from their houses by Germans and the local police.  One of the witnesses remembered that the Jews were taken by truck to the water well, located in the field outskirt of the village.  The victims weren’t shot, but thrown alive into the well. In all, 31 Jews were murdered at that site.

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