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Execution of Jews in Borek/Wysokie

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Entrevista del testigo

Witnesses interwieved:1. Mieczyslav B ( N°138): "Prisoners were shot in Wysokie during one or two years. There were Polish prisoners who were coming from the Oczeia prison. There were brought in a forest called "Borek". Some pits were already dug, long pits but it was strictly forbidden to walk through the forest".

Archivos alemanes

B162-4982 " I arrived in Borek on November 11th 1943. after two weeks, we had to dig a grave (80-100 meters long,."

Archivos polacos

IPN, OKL, Lublin, Ds 311/67 " During the existence of the camp, they killed perhaps 10 prisoners who were sick or couldn' work anymore. I saw 3 times how the Jews ( 5 or 6) were brought by trolleys, in the direction of a forest at 2 kilometers in a place belonging Borek. After a while, I heard some shootings and the trolleys came back without any Jew."

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