Budy Łańcuckie (Budy Lancuckie) | Subcarpathian Voivodeship

Execution of Jews in Budy Łańcuckie

2 Sitio(s) de ejecución

Tipo de lugar antes:
Field (1), Forest (2)
Período de ocupación:
Número de víctimas:

Entrevista del testigo

Julia P., born in 1934: “My father was killed when I was 11 years old. He was killed by the Germans because he gave a razor to a Jew. Germans were passing by and they saw the Jew. We knew him, his name was Hoim David. He lived here in Budy Łańcuckie.” (Witness n°935 interviewed in Budy Łańcuckie, on November, 13th 2018).

Archivos polacos

1/ Date and place of execution: 1943 in Budy Łańcuckie.

2/ Type of execution: shooting

3/ Data concerning the killed people: Poles, Jews, foreigners: Jews.

How many killed people: 22.

Where are the victims from: unknown.

Names, age, job, address: unknown. [Questionnaire on mass executions and mass graves n°321 (Miejscowosc: Budy lancuckie; Gmina: Kosina; Powiat: Lancut, Wojewodztwo: Rzeszow); RG-15.019M]

Nota histórica

Budy Łańcuckie is located 38km east of Rzeszow and 190km east of Krakow. Supposedly, the first Jews settled down in the village in the 17th century. However, only a few Jewish families lived in the village. The majority of them lived in the town of Lańcut, which was located 15km far away from Budy. There was a synagogue and a cemetery in Lańcut, and a prayer house in Budy Łańcuckie. In 1921, about 40% of the Lańcut population was Jewish. The majority of the Budy Jews were either artisans or small scale traders, including Hoim who owned a store there.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The area was occupied by Germans in September 1939. At this time the Jewish population of Lańcut was forcibly displaced to  the Soviet occupied territories. According to historical sources, several isolated shootings were conducted by Germans in Budy Łańcuckie throughout the occupation. Among the victims there were both Poles and Jews.

With the help of the local witnesses Yahad-in Unum was able to  find out what happened to two local Jewish families. After hiding, they were both discovered and shot dead. The Hoim family was taken and shot in the forest, while the Haskiel family was shot on Jan Kusy’s property. Lejba Hoim, the son of the Hoim family, managed to escape and survived the war. According to the Polish archives these shootings were conducted in 1943. 

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