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Execution of Jews in Bulăieşti

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Entrevista del testigo

Raia P., born in 1936: “Before the war, there were some Jewish families living in the village. They were mainly merchants, buying and selling different goods. They owned several shops in the village. After the Romanians arrived in Bulăieşti, the Jews couldn’t work anymore. One day, the Romanians arrested them at home. I saw the column of Jews being taken away to the shooting. The children in the column were crying. The Jews were shot in the forest, they had to lie down in the pit. They did not have to undress before the execution. They were killed on the same day as their arrest. After the execution, the villagers were requisitioned to bury their bodies in a mass grave on the edge of the forest (…)”. (Witness N°21, interviewed in Bulăieşti, on May 25, 2012)

Nota histórica

Bulăieşti is a commune and village in the Orhei district in eastern Moldova. It is located about 22km from the town of Orhei, the district capital. Very little is known about the Jewish community from Bulăieşti. According to several witnesses interviewed by YIU’s team in May 2012, there were numerous Jewish families living in Bulăieşti before the outbreak of the Second World War. The local Jews were mainly merchants, they owned several shops in the village.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

According to Vladimir G., witness interviewed by Yahad, when the German-Romanian occupation started, the Germans were the first to arrive in village on horseback and motorcycles. They arrived from the direction of Orhei and stopped in the nearby forest. They were heading in the direction of the border, which was established 9km further along the Dniester river. The Romanians arrived in the village later, and took over local administration. They established a gendarmerie post office. The day of the shooting of the Jews, one German with one Romanian gendarme went from house to house to round up the Jews. All the Jews were gathered in a building that belonged to a Jewish family. The latter was guarded by the Romanian gendarmes. Sometime later, during the night, the Jews were taken to the nearby forest, located about 1,5km from the village where they were shot. The mass grave of the victims is located on the edge of the forest and remain without memorial to this day.

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