Felicjanów (Felicjanow)/Koluszki | Łódź Voivodeship

/ Zenon K., born in 1929, saw the ghetto where about 3,000 Jews were confined © Emmanuelle Foussat - Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s team during an interview. © Emmanuelle Foussat - Yahad-In Unum A memorial in the memory of the victims says: “Here rest people of Polish origins killed by Hitler’s soldiers during 1941-1942 in the ghetto and in the village of Koluszki”. Inhabitants of Koluszki village, Built  on September 1, 1990.© Emmanuelle Foussat A board with information about the Jews killed in Felicjanów. The information plate is located next to the road close to the village of Koluszki. © Emmanuelle Foussat - Yahad

Execution of the Koluszki Jews in Felicjanów

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About 40

Entrevista del testigo

Zenon K., born in 1929: “I have never heard of mass executions in Felicjanów, and I don’t think there were any. However, there were isolated shootings. I couldn’t say how many victims there were. They were all buried in a mass grave. Today, there is a memorial there.” (Witness n°857, interviewed in Koluszki on July 5th,2018).

Archivos polacos

« Register on Nazi crimes in Poland, Piotrkowkie :

May / June 1942:

11 Jews were executed, because they got out of the limits of the Koluszki ghetto. The execution was conducted by policemen at the Jewish cemetery of Felicjanow. The bodies were buried there.” [Source : AGK, Ankieta GK “Egzekucje” Felicjanow, pow. Brzeziny, woj. Lodzkie; AGK, Ankieta OKBZH “Egzekucje” Felicjanow, pow. Bzreziny, woj. Lodzkie; AGK, ASG, sygn. 20, k,8].

Nota histórica

Felicjanów is located 33 km north-east of Lodz. There is not much information about Jews living in Felicjanów. From the historical sources, we know that a bigger Jewish community lived in the town of  Koluszki, located  3 km north-west. The first Jews settled down in town in the 18th century. The majority of Jews lived off of trade and handcrafted items. As a result of the newly built railway station, the town became an important trade center. In 1921, about 30% of the total population was Jewish, including 387 Jews living in the town. By 1939,  there were only about a hundred left. 

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The Germans occupied the town on September 9, 1939. The ghetto was created on April 10th, 1941, and numbered about 3,000 Jews from the town and its surroundings.  The inmates fit to work were forced to perform forced labor. Due to overcrowding and bad living conditions, a typhus epidemic broke out. The ghetto was liquidated in October 1942 when the majority of the inmates were rounded-up and deported to the Treblinka death camp. About 40 Jews, mostly sick and elderly people, or those who attempted to resist or hide, were killed on the spot. Their bodies were taken to be buried in  Felicjanów.

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