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Execution of the Jews of Lyady in Bukharino

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Witnesses interviewed :

Entrevista del testigo

Witnesses interviewed 1. (N°43). Yevdokia I. (N°43): "Jews were forced to approach by groups; they had to lied down in the mass grave. There was a policeman in the mass grave and a German at the top, on the side. The policeman was firing with a machine gun. My brother saw this policeman taking a 5 year old child by his feet and bang his head against the ground."

Archivos soviéticos

"The day before Easter, Maundy Thursday, the Germans committed a horrible massacre of Jews. They took them in groups of 100-200 people to the outskirts of the town, put them alive into an anti-tank trench and shot them […]. In some days, more than 1,000 Jews were buried in this anti-tank trench."

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