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Execution of Check Jews in Opoka

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Ravine near a field
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Entrevista del testigo

Aleksandr R., born in 1926: «Some students from Czechoslovakia were brought here. I was going from Konskowola when I heard noise. I turned around and saw how they were escorted outskirts of Konskowola passing by the Sykut’s private house. Sykut worked at a mill. At the time, there was an anti-tank trench, where I hid and started observing. There were only two Germans. They gave them spades to dig a pit along the house’s fence. I was sitting and watching it all. When they finished digging the pit, the Germans lined them up and shot them with a submachine gun. After that they went down in the pit and finished them off. I don’t know what happened afterwards because I fled. I was afraid.”(Witness n°776, interviewed in Opoka, on October 18, 2017).

Archivos polacos

“[…] another group [of Jews from the ghetto in Końskowola] was taken to a pasture near Opoka to be shot. The Jews were buried there. […] The corpses were not exhumed.” [Testimony given on June 14th, 1968; IPN: S 19/05/Zn, Vol.6]

Nota histórica

Opoka is a village near Końskowola located 44 km northwest of Lublin. According to Yahad’s witness, there were no Jewish families in the village. More than 1,000 Jews lived in the neighboring village of Końskowola before the outbreak of WWII.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The village was occupied by the Germans in September 1939. Very little is known about the Jewish victims in Opoka. According to the Polish archives, the Jews from the Konskowola ghetto were brought to a pasture near Opoka where they were shot. As a result of the Yahad’s field work we found out that the majority of Końskowola’s Jews were taken to the Klementowice railway station and deported. However, some isolated shootings took place in Końskowola, at the Jewish cemetery, and in the pasture close to the village of Opoka.  With the help of the local witnesses from Opoka Yahadf was able to identify the execution sites of three different shootings, in the course of which one, two and about twenty Czeck Jews were shot respectively. The shootings were conducted in the ravine. The shootings were conducted by Germans accompanied by the soldiers of the Vlasov army.  Some of the bodies were reburied in Konskowola but some of them still remain in unprotected mass graves.

 For more information about the killings of Jews in Końskowola, please, refer to the corresponding profile.  

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