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Executions of the Jews of Putniki

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Entrevista del testigo

Lidia I. recalls: “The Jews of Zaretche were killed near the Putiniki cemetery in a trench which prevented the cattle from wandering off. The day of the shooting, probably in October 1941, I saw a little child who ran in the fields, a German captured him and killed him with a bayonet. The soldier took the corpse on his shoulders. I heard isolated shots. I went to the execution site after the shooting. It wasn’t filled in very well. The next day, some inhabitants filled it better. When they left, the Germans burnt some houses of the village.” (Eyewitness N°655, interviewed in Putniki, on June 22, 2013).

Nota histórica

Putniki is located about 45 kilometers north of Minsk. The Jews were merchants or traders. There was no synagogue in the village.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

According to Yahad’s investigation, there was only one execution site in Putniki, but there were several shootings. Pyotr B. (Witness N°654) remembered that the Jews were taken from Shklov to Putniki by foot or by truck. They were probably rounded up at night. They were taken to the old cemetery. The witness saw the shooting of approximately 20 Jews in 1941. The children were shot first, then women and men. They were killed in their clothing, one by one, at the edge of the grave, in isolated bursts. Jewish men had to fill the grave in with dirt after the shooting. They were shot afterwards. In August or September 1941, 482 Jews from Skhlov were shot in anti-tank trenches at the same place. Then, the Germans killed 96 Jews of both sexes. On October 3-4, 1941, members of the EK8 shot 1,459 Jews from Shklov who were coming from the Ryzhkovichi ghetto.

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