Pyatyhory (Pyatigory, Piatogory, Piatohor) | Kyiv

Execution of Jews in Pyatygory

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Entrevista del testigo

Maria S., born in 1923, remembers: “Upon the German arrival nothing changed, even for the Jews. They were not marked and continued to live normally in their houses. One month after, all the Jews were confined in the building of the secondary school where they stayed for a while. After, they were divided into two groups. One group was taken to dig the pits in the field. Once the pit was dug, they were shot. I didn’t see the shooting, it was my father who came and told me that the Jews were about to be killed, so I went out in the yard and I heard the shots: “paf-paf”, “paf-par”. I always heard two shots. So, they might have been killed with rifles.” (Witness n°1751, interviewed in Pyatyhory, on June 11, 2013)

Archivos soviéticos

“During the shooting, I had to survey the Jews. Around 175 Jews were shot this day. I didn’t make a list of these people. I saw the shooting because I had to watch the Jews in order to prevent them from escaping. Thus, I could see the shooting.” [Interrogatory of a former policeman, Oleksandr S., made on January 9, 1944; RG 31.018M, n°58515]

Nota histórica

Pyatygory is located about 140 km southwest of Kyiv. There were 1385 Jews living in the village before the war, but they didn’t predominate and represented only 32% of total population). There was a brick synagogue and a Jewish sauna. The majority of the Jews were craftsmen. The village was occupied by Germans in July 1941.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The first Aktion was conducted against 17 Jewish men on August 28, 1941. After that, all remaining Jews, including children, women and specialists, were confined within the school building. The women had to perform farm work and Jewish specialists did different jobs upon need. According to the local witness n°1751, all the Jews detained at the school were divided in two group. One was taken to a labor camp and another one was shot. The archives confirmed that on April 26, 1942, the Jews able to work were sent to the camp in Buki, and the remaining 133 Jews were shot in November 1942.

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