Rudensk (Rudzensk) | Minsk

Execution of Jews in Rudensk

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From 120 to 300

Archivos soviéticos

« In October 1941, a punitive detachment with Germans and policemen, headed by a captain whose name I do not remember, arrived in Rudensk from Minsk. When the punitive detachment arrived, they surrounded the street where the Jews lived. The following morning, at dawn, the city of Rudensk was surrounded and Jews and Soviet activists were taken to the shooting. On this day, approximately 75 people were shot in a single pit. After the shooting, local people were forced to go to bury the bodies. » [Testimony of Olga C., a local villager , for The Soviet Extraordinary State Commission RG-22.002M.7021-88/13]

Nota histórica

Rudensk is a small town situated approximately 40 km east of Minsk. According to one census, there were  176 Jews (16% of the total population) living in the village on the eve of the war. The village was occupied by German forces in late June 1941. It is estimated that one third of the prewar Jewish population managed to evacuate before German arrival.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

Upon the German arrival, all Jews were forced to register.  An open and unguarded ghetto was created on Dukora Street. It existed from  September 1941 till Ocotber 10, 1941, when it was liquidated by German police forces, assisted by Lithuanian auxiliaries and  Belarusian local police. Once the Jews were chased out of their houses, they were gathered in the central square of Rudensk. Then, they were taken to the quarry, where they were shot. There were approximately between 120 and 300 Jewish victims.

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