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Execution of Jews in Siemnice

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Witness interview

Kazimierz S. reminisces: "They told the men of the group to go out. They forced them to dig a pit and put the bodies of shot Jews there. Under the pressure of Germans they threw them inside. After, they made another group go out [from the basement]. For them, it was even worse. They had to lie down on the bloody ground where the first group was shot. That’s where they shot them." (Eyewitness N°148, interviewed in Siemnice, on August 18, 2012)

Polish Archives

"About 70 people of Jewish origin, including elder people and children, were shot in 1942." [Deposition of Maria Konopnicka, chief of scouts; GK 195/VIII/19]

Historical note

Siemnice is a village in the administrative district of Rachanie, in eastern Poland. It lies approximately 107 km (66 miles) south-east of the regional capital Lublin.

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